Tuesday 21 July 2009

Website currently down

Apologies to all users of the CutUp website.. Our site is currently facing a few technical errors. Will be up and running again during the first week of August. Thanks.

Saturday 7 February 2009

CutUp newspapers 2009

Currently working on a series of reordered Metro and TheLondonPaper newspapers, some for a series in our next show and some to be placed on tube trains...look out for them...though the chances are slim! with
7,556,900 people in London and 547,180 metro newspapers distributed, you have a 13/1 chance of reading a metro and then a 547,180/1 chance of finding ours. Is anyone out there good at statistics? not sure those figures are right.

They currently take us more than a week's work to make one, but eventually, with a little practice - we should be able to have one done in a day. So the plan is to get the paper early morning and by evening rush hour have the same paper out in a different order.

Portraits of people waiting for the event.... or landscapes after the event.

If you find one, let us know through our website. We'd be happy to know it was found!


P.S: Don't forget the forthcoming show; Non-linear Harbinger Systems - check the website for details.....

Friday 6 February 2009

Non-linear Harbinger Systems

It appears that we're not very good at the blog thing. Not really keeping it up to date...

But here is the latest entry.

We've been busy putting together a new show in an amazing space in Hackney (huge empty factory, just off Well Street). The show bears the same name as the one in New York; Non-linear Harbinger Systems, but this time all planned events will happen.

So, make yourself down on Friday 27th February at 6:30 pm for our new show. It promises to be a very smashing time...more details of all the work soon. (we're keeping it secret for now - but you can read the pdf thats download-able on the front of our site for now)

Also, you can read up on us in this months Grafik magazine with a profile article written by Robert Urquhart. Thanks Robert.

and...have a look at this film from last years exhibition in Hackney Wick....


and finally - there's an afterparty for the show in Hackney Wick...more details later!

Saturday 13 September 2008


We would like to apologise to all people who turned up today at the Centre for Architecture, expecting to find out information about our third and final project in New York.
Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned. Not everything always does.
Regardless, thanks to everyone for all the support we've had.
We plan to return to New York soon...

Friday 12 September 2008

West Broadway & Grand St, NY

We've just put up these two pieces in New York. If you'd like to see more head over to the Conflux headquarters in the Centre for Architecture on LaGuardia Place.

Wooster St & Grand St, NY